Anna Taylor Equine Dental Technician

  • BSc (Hons) Equine Dental Science
  • BEVA/BVDA approved
  • BAEDT member
  • Fully insured to carry out Category 1 and 2 Procedures (for more info on legislation click here)

Routine dental check ups are an essential part of your horse’s health care. Often, horses are able to adapt their eating patterns to accommodate any dental pain or disease, an evolutionary tactic allowing them to survive in the wild. Without a thorough oral examination by a fully qualified EDT or vet, many minor dental abnormalities can go unnoticed and can progress into more advanced issues.

Ideally, equine dentistry should be preventative care, where problems or abnormalities are identified and treated in routine appointments rather than after they have become advanced and painful. With this in mind, your horse should be checked every 6-12 months to prevent dental problems affecting health or performance.

I provide professional equine dental treatment using an extensive range of well maintained, high quality equipment throughout Lancashire, Merseyside and the surrounding areas.